We publish monthly webinars hosted by AHDB Beef & Lamb staff and joined by technical experts.

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Webinars (archive)

Trace elements in beef and sheep production

Feeding dry cows to boost colostrum and fertility

Farmax webinar for the progressive groups

Ewe nutrition with Lesley Stubbings

Reducing lameness with consideration of appropriate antibiotic use

Responsible antibiotic use on beef farms

Managing lameness in the suckler herd

Chronic wasting diseases of sheep: raising awareness and reducing the risk

Utilising the Recommended Grass and Clover Lists for reseeding

Buying a Signet recorded ram for terminal sire traits

Guide to the common gut and lung parasites of cattle

Worming strategies for lambs

Improving silage making

Optimising fertility and health of the suckler cow post-calving webinar

Grazing for turnout

Livestock Outlook Webinar – Sheep Meat Outlook

Livestock Outlook Webinar – Beef Market Review

Management of the suckler cow and calf around calving

Ewe Nutrition (Webinar 1) Vets

Ewe Nutrition (Webinar 2) Vets

Ewe Nutrition (Webinar 2) Producers

Ewe Nutrition (webinar 1) Producers

Responsible use of antibiotics at lambing time webinar

Calving the cow (for farmers)

Successful calving course (for vets)

Growing and finishing cattle this winter

Feeding the suckler cow this winter

Using novel crops for beef and sheep production

Cattle parasite control housing

Mycoplasma bovis

Reducing lamb losses

Reducing suckler calf mortality

Artificial Insemination and Synchronisation in the suckler herd

Optimising lamb performance

Contagious Ovine Digital Dermatitis (CODD) in sheep

Improving dairy bred calf health

BVDFree England

Latest research on pneumonia and how to communicate to farmers

Reducing Pneumonia Risk in Beef and Dairy Calves

Farmax – monthly monitoring

Farmax – advanced modelling skills

Creating a new FARMAX farm – winter series 1

An Introduction to AgriNet – Consultants

Converting a FARMAX farm from short to long term – winter series 2