BRP regularly holds teleconferences to bring the experts to beef and sheep producers in England. Farmers can dial in to listen to experts from either the beef or sheep industries discuss a particular area of flock or herd management. Each call is recorded so that farmers can catch up at a later date if they were unable to listen at the time, by selecting the appropriate link below.

View the beef and sheep expert views from the teleconferences.

Prevention and control of parasites in sheep

Lesley Stubbings of SCOPS talks about preventing and controlling parasites in sheep.


Cryptosporidiosis in calves

Sarah Thomson from Moredun Research Institute, discusses Cryptosporidiosis in calves.


Bull selection

Sam Boon, Signet Breeding Services Manager discusses bull selection using Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs).

Introducting IT systems on farm

Adam Quinney, AHDB Chairman shared how he uses technology to improve his enterprise.

Tackling respiratory disease

Vet Jonathan Statham hosted this BRP teleconference on tackling respiratory disease.

Mineral nutrition

Vet Peter Aitken hosted this Better Returns Programme  on mineral nutrition for growers and finishers and for suckler cows.

Winter rations for calving suckler cows

Vet and nutritionist Debby Brown hosted this Better Returns Programme  on winter rations for calving suckler cows.

Parasite control in cattle 

Independent vet Andy Forbes hosted this Better Returns Programme teleconference about parasites in cattle.

Worm control in sheep

Lesley Stubbings of SCOPS hosted this Better Returns Programme teleconference about worm control in sheep to highlight the problems worms can bring and how you can get around them.

Creep feeding & supplementary feeding

Rhidian Jones of SAC Consulting hosted this Better Returns Programme teleconference about beef feeding to discuss the pros and cons of creep feeding suckled calves and supplementary feeding of growing cattle at grass

Beef Feeding

Dave Davies of Silage Solutions Ltd spoke about the cost effective use of silage additives. Karen Stewart of SAC Consulting went on to talk about the use of distillery and brewing industry co-products as beef feeds.

Harvesting cereals & forward buying of feeds

Basil Lowman of SAC Consulting and Chris Savert of The Dairy Group hosted this teleconference about options for harvesting cereals.

Worm management in sheep

Independent sheep consultant Lesley Stubbings hosted this teleconference on worm management in sheep.

Preparing the bull for the breeding season and brassicas for beef cattle

Vet Keith Cutler kicked off the teleconference by discussing how best to prepare your bull for the breeding season. Helen Mathieu from Germinal Seeds joined the call to talk about feeding brassicas to beef cattle.

Late pregnancy and disease at lambing time

Kate Phillips, an independent sheep consultant, spoke on the sheep teleconference about feeding in late pregnancy and early lactation. Vet Harriet Fuller joined Kate to discuss veterinary issues at lambing time. The pair fielded many questions and provided plenty of tips for sheep producers.

Preparing for turnout and maize in beef systems

This teleconference offered farmers the chance to hear from esteemed Harper Adams University lecturer, Simon Marsh, and AHDB Beef and Lamb Beef & Sheep Scientist, Liz Genever, when it took place on 6th February 2015. Simon talked about feeding maize to beef cattle, while Liz talked to participants about earlier turnout.

Sheep nutrition and health-related issues

Independent sheep consultant Kate Phillips returned for our second sheep teleconference, discussing compound feed selection and ration formulation. Vet Harriet Fuller then went on to speak about pre-lambing veterinary and medicine.


Beef finishing and managing replacement heifers

Rhidian Jones, a beef and sheep consultant for SAC Consulting discussed top tips for finishing heifers on the third beef teleconference. Vet and ruminant specialist Debby Brown joined Rhidian to talk about managing replacement heifers for service this spring.

Preparing for lambing and advice on liver fluke for your flock

Kate Phillips, independent sheep consultant and part-time lecturer, discussed scanning, condition scoring and preparing for lambing during the teleconference. Sheep consultant Harriet Fuller joined her on the call to firstly describe the lifecycle of liver fluke, before explaining the different treatment options and the suitability of them at different stages.

Diets for suckler cows near calving and keeping stock in winter

Ruminant nutritionist Pete Kelly talked about keeping young stock growing well during the winter months on the second beef teleconference. He was joined by beef specialist, Karen Stewart, who discussed nutrition for suckler cows as they approach calving.

Minimising pneumonia in finishing cattle and evaluating silage

Independent nutritionist Pete Kelly discussed silage and feed during the first beef teleconference. He asked listeners “How good is your silage? and discussed what current feeds are best to balance it. Beef specialist, Karen Stewart, went on to talk about straw-based diets for dry suckler cows, with advice on how to make them successful.


parasite control in cattle

Independent vet Andy Forbes hosted this Better Returns Program teleconference about parasites in cattle.