Project farms

AHDB Beef & Lamb is involved in a wide range of on-farm projects designed to research, develop and monitor the impact of making management changes on farm.  The Project Farms are commercial farms across the country that work with us to undertake a range of beef, sheep and forage projects.

Using commercial farms ensures that the ideas tested and the solutions developed are practical and designed to meet the needs of farmers. The projects typically run over two to three years, with a series of events held on the farms to explain the work being done, discuss the learnings and help steer future activity.

Current live projects

Beef feed efficiency programme  Beef feed efficiency programme

RamCompare farms 2017-2020 RamCompare farms 2017-2020

Challenge sheep farms Challenge Sheep

Strategic farms - finisher farms Strategic farms suckler beef and sheep farms Strategic Farms Suckler beef & sheep and Finisher units