Throughout the year AHDB run marketing campaigns that aim to inform and inspire consumers to purchase and cook with beef & lamb, highlighting the nutritional benefits of including red meat in a balanced diet.

Campaigns feature a wide range of global recipes, all of which are influenced by the latest seasonal ‘foodie’ trends.

Recipe themes are promoted through the Simply Beef and Lamb Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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Love Lamb Week

Love Lamb Week was started by Cumbrian sheep farmer Rachel Lumley in 2015 and is now managed by AHDB Beef & Lamb, with support from the National Sheep Association and National Farmers Union. Featuring stories from farmers that demonstrate the pride and passion that goes in to the rearing of quality lamb, the week gained support across the country catching the attention of the national press, broadcast media and promotion by top chefs.

Love Lamb Week 2018 ran 1 – 7 September and raised awareness amongst shoppers of the sustainability of lamb production, as well as how cuts such as leg steaks fit into a modern lifestyle and how lamb isn’t just for Easter!

We want to thank the sheep industry for getting involved and stay tuned for details around next year’s campaign.

Try it, Love it: EU lamb 

This 3 year campaign is a joint venture between England, France and Republic of Ireland to promote lamb in their domestic markets. AHDB secured a €1.5m of annual campaign activity in return for a €300m investment, with a focus on recipe inspiration and sustainability messaging.

Recent activity focused on Curry Week, which provides a great vehicle for highlighting the great way lamb works in indian cuisine. There was also some creative content created to celebrate the increasing consumer popularity of Halloween, with posts showcasing lamb to a huge number of targeted social media users.

Highlights include:

  • Reached 135,000+ targeted social media users during October
  • October saw a huge rise in video views, topping at over 34,000.
  • Social engagement remains strong, with 2,900 people engaging with tweets and posts during October.
  • The lamb meatballs recipe video was the most viewed recipe campaign on YouTube with 26,780 views.

Cheeky Beef

The Cheeky beef campaign, focusing on thin cut beef steaks, saw £1 million invested in advertising through digital channels, print media (national and commuter newspapers) and billboards around England.

The campaign promoted the ease and versatility of cooking with thin cut beef steaks and how they can be used in a range of quick and tasty mid-week meals with a target audience of young couples and families with children under 4 years of age.

The advertising cleverly blended eye-catching innuendo laden headlines with mouth-watering imagery of the cooked product within dishes we know are popular among the target audience.

Results of the 2018 summer campaign are currently being analysed and will be communicated in the New Year.


The consumer marketing team are already planning for next year’s campaigns and activity for 2019 will be shared shortly.

If you would like specific information on any of our campaigns please contact Gareth Renowden, Senior Consumer Marketing manager for beef and lamb. Email: or phone: 024 7647 8693