The work of AHDB Beef & Lamb is overseen and steered by a board appointed from across the beef and sheep sector.

Board approval is needed on ongoing strategy for the organisation and on financial matters. The board ensures that AHDB Beef & Lamb serves the best interests of producers and processors linked to the beef and sheep meat industry.

The AHDB Beef & Lamb board meets six times a year. Selection and appointment of the members of the AHDB Beef & Lamb board is carried out by the board of AHDB through an open appointments process. AHDB Beef & Lamb board members are for three year terms from April 2017 and require up to two days per month commitment per year, including attendance at board meetings. Remuneration is currently payable at £256.25 per day plus expenses.

The AHDB Beef & Lamb chair, who is also an AHDB board member, is appointed by Defra and receives £32,000/year for a minimum of 104 days.

Details of our current board members are shown in the Meet the team section of the website.

Board notes

After each board meeting, minutes of the meeting are prepared by AHDB Beef & Lamb administrators. These are circulated to board members ahead of the following meeting and any discrepancies are raised at that meeting. The minutes are then agreed and they become a matter of record.

Agendas and minutes from previous board meetings can be viewed by clicking on the relevant link below:



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